DIY Elektro-Schocker

Ein schönes und praktisches DIY-Projekt von PodeCoet: Der Elektro-Schocker für daheim.

Auch wenn man sich nicht traut, das Geräte nachzubauen, alleine für die Anleitung lohnt sich die Lektüre.

You can die (or shit your pants, sometimes both) while building this device. We are not liable for any losses or injuries, and cannot answer any support queries regarding this build.

Edit: Yes, you can still die, even if you know how to program an Arduino.

Videospiele – Die unbekannten Geheimnisse

Es geht doch nichts über knallharte Berichterstattung, die hinter die Kulissen blickt. Ein gelungenes Beispiel ist der Niagara Falls Reporter, der sich den wirklichen Hintergründen von Videospielen angenommen hat. Meine beiden Hightlights habe ich hervorgehoben.

1. “World of Warcraft. Gamers are driven by Satan to become a “devilwhore.”
2. “Assassin’s Creed” Gamers kill popes and politicians to protect thieves and devil worshipers.
3. “Sky Rim” Gamers have sex with people hung upside down while talking with Satan.
4. “Dubstep Guns” Hippie culture, gun violence, and sadism for the flower power generation.
5. “Portal2” Gamers compete to use their penises to create “glory holes” through masturbation.
6. “Dr. Who” A time-traveling pedophile breaks into childrens’ rooms to molest them and kill their mothers.
7. “Pokemon” Japanese drug dealers have fun killing everyone.
8. “RapeLay” Gamers rape women and their daughters
9. “Princess Peach’s Pool” Gamers see who can ingest the most hallucinogenic drugs.
10. “Carmageddon” Gamers ram pedestrians into steaming piles of bloody flesh. The tagline on the box says: “The racing game for the chemically imbalanced.”
11. Gears of War 2 Gamers slice foes with a chainsaw from the groin upward and use a corpse as a shield.
12. Manhunt Gamers decapitate, steel-object-to-the-brain impaling and jam a sickle up a victim’s rectum.
13. Grand Theft Auto III Gamers steal cars, beat people to death and burn prostitutes with flamethrowers.
14. Postal 2 allows gamers to “go postal” with drop-kick grenades, whip scythes killing innocent people, cat carcasses as silencers on guns, hitting people with anthrax-laden cow heads and playing “fetch” with dogs using severed heads of dismembered victims.

via Ian Cheong

Cyberpunk Webserie: H+

Unter der Produktion von Bryan Singer (Usual Suspects, X-Men) läuft zur Zeit die Webserie H+ (wie üblich: Das IP-GeoGeficke umgehen), die ein gutes Beispiel dafür ist, dass hochwertige Serien auch im Netz möglich sind.

Der Name H+ ist mit der Idee des Menschenbildes aus dem Transhumanismus (Sendung auf arte) verknüpft.

The series is based on a future where one-third of the world’s population has an implanted computer, named H+, which connects the human mind to the Internet 24 hours a day.[2][3] The implant was created by a company called Hplus Nano Teoranta, an Irish biotechnology company founded with the intent of improving the medical sector with technology.[4] The story begins in medias res, depicting the effects of a virus which infects the H+ implant. Concurrent episodes go back and forward in time to different settings, and various characters’ viewpoints are used to tell the story.

Leitbilder 2013

Man wächst mit seinen Aufgaben.